Creating leaders at all levels of your organisation

qualities of self-leadership

The world is changing fast and old hierarchies are breaking down. As the world becomes more digital, AI is increasing its foothold and organisations are becoming flatter. The companies that thrive will be those that ignite the power of human-centred workplaces, encouraging all employees to take responsibility for driving the business forward, and creating leaders … Read more

Getting into embodiment changed my life

embodiment and the psychology of the bodymind

What we do in our bodies influences how we live our lives. When I first got into the world of embodiment this became clear to me in so many ways that I had just never noticed before and it caused a dramatic shift in how I chose to live my life.  In case you’ve not … Read more

The state you are in

embodiment, psychology and the bodymind connection

The state you are in – enhance your emotional intelligence and manage stress What is state management and why would you want to be able to do it? Put simply, being able to manage your state, your emotions, is a key indicator of your ability to survive and thrive in life. Early self-regulation ability as … Read more

My body is the map of my life

embodiment psychology bodymind based resilience

It’s National Storytelling Week. A celebration of the way humans have communicated for millennia and reflecting the way evolution has wired us to receive and process information. Storytelling is a wonderful way to interact with the world, both around us and within ourselves. Stories somehow resonate with us, often proving more memorable than facts alone, … Read more