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The state you are in – enhance your emotional intelligence and manage stress

What is state management and why would you want to be able to do it? Put simply, being able to manage your state, your emotions, is a key indicator of your ability to survive and thrive in life. Early self-regulation ability as a child is a significant predictor of performance later in life, so learning [...]

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Breathing for stress management in an uncertain world

When we are struggling to cope in a world that seems impossibly changed, it can be helpful to look at what we can take control of, rather than fixating on things that we can’t. One thing we can take control of is how we are in our bodies. Our posture, how we move, our breathing [...]

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Embodied storytelling: My Body is the map of my life

It's National Storytelling Week. A celebration of the way humans have communicated for millennia and reflecting the way evolution has wired us to receive and process information. Storytelling is a wonderful way to interact with the world, both around us and within ourselves. Stories somehow resonate with us, often proving more memorable than facts alone, [...]

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Mindfulness in Career Change

Mindfulness – a simple yet effective form of meditation that enables you to gain control of unruly thoughts and behaviours. Is it really as straightforward as that? This type of description of mindfulness is very much in vogue at the moment, however I believe this is actually quite a limiting definition for a practice that can [...]

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Support your career change through compelling storytelling

Being able to tell a good story is really important in making a successful career change. The ability to quickly and compellingly tell your story means you will engage people, help them remember you, and ensure that you are making the most of every opportunity that comes your way, whether at a formal networking event, [...]

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Turning fear to your advantage during a career change

One of the main reasons people don’t pursue a wanted career change, or why they get stuck, is fear. Fear of failing… fear of getting it wrong… fear of looking foolish… fear of someone telling them they are doing the wrong thing… One of the challenges is that fear is often ill-defined, perhaps we have [...]

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