Helping you rediscover your joy and meaning in life

Supporting you through stress and burnout, loss, personal growth. Re-set your nervous system for a better way of being

Coaching -- Somatics -- Breathwork

Helping you rediscover your joy and meaning in life

Supporting you through stress and burnout, loss, personal growth. Re-set your nervous system for a better way of being.

Coaching -- Somatics -- Breathwork

challenges you may be facing

Outwardly successful, but struggling on the inside

Stress and burnout in your personal life or at work

Difficulties in your personal relationships

Bereavement, grief and loss

Know that something needs to change, but don't know where to start

how I can help

I see every client as creative, resourceful and whole, whatever life experiences they may have had, whatever they have needed to survive, whatever loss is troubling them.

Hyper-alertness can stop us relaxing into our full creativity and potential, stifling opportunities for joy and finding meaning in life, and creating patterns of thinking and behaving that are self-sabotaging and painful.

Recover from loss and grief: Using my powerful grief coaching methodology I can help you to face loss, with all its many impacts on life and how we are able to function.

Nervous system re-set: I combine breathwork, embodiment coaching and somatic practices to help calm the fight/flight/freeze response that jangled nervous systems can default to. When we are stuck in the stress response, it’s harder to access our creativity, resourcefulness and resilience.

Personal growth: Once we have re-accessed our creativity, our potential can really start to shine through. I support my clients to grow their self-awareness, identifying old limiting patterns, ways of thinking and being that are holding them back. Through increased self-awareness comes choice. The choice to become the person they’ve always wanted to be.

Marilyne T.

Supported to recover from grief and loss

“I am deeply grateful to Allison for her dedication, patience and kindness in helping me face grief and trauma. I reached out to Allison about a year after my husband’s passing. I was still grieving and suffering from PTSD. I turned to breathwork because I could feel that the grief was trapped in my body.

The sadness was so overwhelming that I was suppressing it. I wanted to help my body and my mind let go. So, I combined the one-to-one breathwork sessions with an hour of grief processing beforehand.

I could not have asked for a better coach than Allison.

Allison took the time to listen to my story and made room for me to express my feelings. She helped me to process the grief through a series of exercises over several weeks. Through the connected breathing, Allison helped me to release the grief and let go. She was very gentle and perceptive in reading my needs during the breathwork sessions.”

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Hi, I'm Allison

I'm a coach, somatic practitioner, breathworker and wellbeing facilitator, with a background in business psychology and the corporate world.

I have a deep interest in what makes people tick, and believe that when we bring the intelligence of the brain and the body together, we create that special synergy that allows genuine and long-lasting growth to take place.

I have my own personal story of being close to burnout in the corporate world, as well as dealing with deep loss through early bereavement. My journey has taken me through many different healing practices and now I love supporting others to heal and grow as well, through the power of coaching, somatics and breathwork.

Please get in touch to see how I can support you to find your joy and meaning in life again.

“My problem was that I was stuck at work. I felt deep inside that I needed to change things, but I had no idea what I wanted to do. I felt frustrated and I blamed myself for not knowing what I wanted.

Allison offered me non judgemental help. She didn’t make any assumptions about what I should do with my problem, instead she listened to me, and gave me tools which helped me to explore myself. At the beginning it didn’t make sense to me, and I wondered why she didn't just tell me what I should do with my life. But suddenly when I started to know my needs better, I realised how important these different exercises were.

Suddenly I found out that the voice from inside is more important than opinions of other people, and when I started listening to this voice, I discovered myself. I realised what I want to do in my life, and what is most important for me. Allison showed me how valuable I am, and that my opinion and voice matters."

Natalia C.

Found a new sense of purpose and self-esteem

A breath meditation, yoga nidra and confidence tips PDF
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Christine C.

Overcame stress and burnout

"I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety due to workstress related stress. I was unable to feel anything, externalize my feelings and not motivated to do anything.

I was very glad I contacted Allison as she was very understanding and kind, non-judgmental and responsive.

I  discovered the correct way to breathe, how to connect with your inner self while feeling safe with Allison's presence. Moreover she used to encourage me and give me tips about how to fight the depression and be more gentle with myself. I learnt a lot from her because she is very dedicated in her job.

I’m using everyday the techniques that I acquired from Allison to practice my breathing and to accompany me with my daily meditation. It’s a great tool of self discovery and to reconnect with your emotions.

I was really surprised by the breathwork. How it affects your mood, emotions and stability. It is a nice discovery! Very grateful to Allison for her patience and help during this difficult time."