Are you looking for fresh ideas, new choices?

Working in partnership to achieve your goals.

Are you looking for fresh ideas, new choices?

Working in partnership to achieve your goals.

looking for organisational support?

If you need support with employee wellbeing or burnout, soft skills training or coaching

looking for personal growth and development?

If you are an individual seeking support with personal growth, stress, anxious thoughts, breathwork or coaching

"I highly recommend Allison if you are looking for an authentic, caring professional who has your best interests as her priority and will help you gain clarity and achieve your goals."

Deborah Kroeger, SPHR

inside the school for wellbeing


employee coaching

Coaching can unleash the real potential of your people, helping them discover fresh awareness about what is happening at a deep level and empowering them to make changes, develop concrete actionable plans and achieve their goals.


coaching for individuals

Are you ready to grow, to live a life in colour, more fulfilling, more satisfying, aligned to your purpose or vision, in a way that feels meaningful to you?

If you’re ready, then I’d love to be your partner on that journey.

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The way we breathe impacts our ability to manage stress, our levels of attention and our decision making ability. A regular breathwork practice can help us sleep better, feel calmer and have more energy. Discover the power of breathwork for a happier life.


employee wellbeing

Happy, looked-after employees mean happy, looked-after clients. The right wellbeing programme - a simple framework, embedded across your business, driving the right behaviour - keeps your business healthy too.

Personal growth through confidence building and a greater sense of your own embodiment

more confident you

Together we will explore what is holding you back from stepping fully into your power and taking up the space that you deserve to hold in the world, and give you the tools to be confident in all that you do.

Embodiment and coaching for personal growth

midlife reboot

Finding meaning in midlife as you re-imagine your heroine’s journey. This adventure draws on principles of psychology, embodiment, breathwork and coaching to create your most powerful, meaningful and fulfilling life.


soft skills training

Do you have employees struggling to master the soft skills that are essential for success - emotional intelligence, confidence, communication? Support them to overcome these barriers and find their way to success.

Coaching, embodiment and personal growth for stress management and to transform yourself

transform yourself

A bespoke programme designed to bring radical change and requiring serious commitment. If you're determined and sincere in your wish to step into all that you can be, this may be the programme for you.
Coaching and breathwork to help you feel calmer and reduce stress

calmer you

We will gently discover what is at the root of stress, worry and feelings of anxiety so you can take effective action to mitigate them, and learn new tools to support you at times when things are difficult.

Breathwork for stress management

breathwork for business

Join the business breathwork revolution. Teaching your employees simple breathwork skills can transform their ability to manage stress and prevent burnout.

Manage stress through building your emotional resilience, embodiment

emotional resilience

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Emotional resilience can be learned. A mind-body based approach makes it easier to spot when things are getting shaky. Then you can take positive action to bounce back and feel calmer.



In-depth dives to a range of wellbeing and resilience related topics - covering embodiment, breathwork, coaching, career change, and more. New articles are regularly released so it's worth checking back often.