Breath means business

breathwork for wellbeing

If your business is falling victim to employee stress and burnout, join the most forward-looking companies who’re exploring new ways to help employees reduce stress and anxiety levels. Breathwork is one of the cutting-edge techniques that’s causing the most excitement, and its benefits are backed up by research. Perciavalle et al (2017) reported a 15% … Read more

Your breath as a channel to calm and clarity

breathwork for wellbeing and resilience

Our breathing is the only part of our autonomic nervous system (the part that controls and activates our internal organs) that we have conscious control. When we breathe deeply and slowly we activate the part of this system that helps us feel calmer and less stressed. When we get stressed the fight or flight mechanism … Read more

The state you are in

embodiment, psychology and the bodymind connection

The state you are in – enhance your emotional intelligence and manage stress What is state management and why would you want to be able to do it? Put simply, being able to manage your state, your emotions, is a key indicator of your ability to survive and thrive in life. Early self-regulation ability as … Read more

Breathing for stress management

When we are struggling to cope in a world that seems impossibly changed, it can be helpful to look at what we can take control of, rather than fixating on things that we can’t. One thing we can take control of is how we are in our bodies. Our posture, how we move, our breathing … Read more