Breath means business

breathwork for wellbeing

If your business is falling victim to employee stress and burnout, join the most forward-looking companies who’re exploring new ways to help employees reduce stress and anxiety levels. Breathwork is one of the cutting-edge techniques that’s causing the most excitement, and its benefits are backed up by research. Perciavalle et al (2017) reported a 15% … Read more

Your breath as a channel to calm and clarity

breathwork for wellbeing and resilience

Our breathing is the only part of our autonomic nervous system (the part that controls and activates our internal organs) that we have conscious control. When we breathe deeply and slowly we activate the part of this system that helps us feel calmer and less stressed. When we get stressed the fight or flight mechanism … Read more

Getting into embodiment changed my life

embodiment and the psychology of the bodymind

What we do in our bodies influences how we live our lives. When I first got into the world of embodiment this became clear to me in so many ways that I had just never noticed before and it caused a dramatic shift in how I chose to live my life.  In case you’ve not … Read more

Turning fear to your advantage during a career change

career change psychology resilience

One of the main reasons people don’t pursue a wanted career change, or why they get stuck, is fear. Fear of failing… fear of getting it wrong… fear of looking foolish… fear of someone telling them they are doing the wrong thing… One of the challenges is that fear is often ill-defined, perhaps we have … Read more