Creating leaders at all levels of your organisation

qualities of self-leadership

The world is changing fast and old hierarchies are breaking down. As the world becomes more digital, AI is increasing its foothold and organisations are becoming flatter. The companies that thrive will be those that ignite the power of human-centred workplaces, encouraging all employees to take responsibility for driving the business forward, and creating leaders … Read more

How to support a colleague going through grief

Grief, supporting colleague through grief, breathwork for grief

How your organisation handles grief or loss is one of the most important ways to signify your organisational culture. A significant loss may not happen to every employee, but it will definitely happen to some of them. Your approach to the situation can literally make or break the psychological contract between you and that employee. … Read more

Procrastination – Overcoming the emotional block that stops you getting things done

Procrastination, getting things done, emotional block

People often think their procrastination is a time management issue. That they’re just not prioritising their tasks correctly or are wasting time fiddling about rather than focusing on the job in hand. In fact it’s all about emotions, or more specifically, overcoming the emotional block that stops you getting things done. What makes it worse … Read more

Hacking your life is a form of self sabotage

Self Sabotage

Everywhere we look, we are being offered life hacks: biohacking to make the most of our body or immune system; short cuts to health, fitness, better eating; quick tips to bring us wellbeing, resilience, even spiritual enlightenment. In practically every area of life it seems there is someone offering a quick fix answer to whatever … Read more

Mindfulness in career change

career change mindfulness breathwork

Mindfulness – a simple yet effective form of meditation that enables you to gain control of unruly thoughts and behaviours. Is it really as straightforward as that? This type of description of mindfulness is very much in vogue at the moment, however I believe this is actually quite a limiting definition for a practice that can … Read more

Compelling storytelling for your career change

Being able to tell a good story is really important in making a successful career change. The ability to quickly and compellingly tell your story means you will engage people, help them remember you, and ensure that you are making the most of every opportunity that comes your way, whether at a formal networking event, … Read more