Should I Stay or Leave My Job?

//Should I Stay or Leave My Job?
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Stuck in a rut at work? Not sure how to get out of an unhappy work situation? This workshop will help you decide the right way forward.

We know what it’s like to be stuck in a role where you feel you are not truly valued, where you don’t always get the chance to perform at your best, and where office politics seem to get in the way of recognition for those who are really taking on the burden of work.

During this workshop we will support you to:
– Explore what the challenges you are facing really mean to you
– Understand what is holding you back from making the change you really want – whether that is to leave your job for new adventures, or to stay and reshape your working role and relationships so they bring you genuine meaning and satisfaction
– Manage your emotional state and stress levels during work
– Create a clear sense of the possibilities open to you, and how you might take advantage of them
– Craft a practical and tangible action plan of what you will do to make your dreams a reality
– Have the energy to stay or leave your job

The day’s programme is designed to tap into the power of the body-mind connection to help you go beyond your rational brain and let you see what you really want and need, deep down.

Please bring comfortable clothes that you can move around in as we will be incorporating fun and empowering exercises including breathwork and gentle (non-athletic) movement to help you align what your body’s intelligence and your brain are telling you, optimising your outcomes.

Join us on this empowering and insightful journey that will enable you to finally enjoy your time at work, sleep better and make the most of your leisure time (without having your work issues be the only topic of conversation!).