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Are you the rock in your family, the calm one supporting everyone else? Need support too? Find your breathing space amid the uncertainty.


When you’re the woman that everyone turns to in times of stress, looking to you for guidance and support, it’s easy to forget to look after your own needs.

These weekly drop-in classes will give you the chance to recharge and get support too in a fun, practical class. Each week we will look at a different area of resilience and wellbeing, for example: thinking differently; rest and recovery; connecting with others; getting unstuck; living our values. These classes are an opportunity to gain fresh insights and discover new ways to resource yourself through tapping into your body’s intelligence as well as your brain’s – using the power of breathwork, mindfulness and embodied learning practices.


Simple and easy to learn techniques to open up your breathing, bringing a deeper, more even flow of breath to nourish your body. A regular breathwork practice can give you more energy, help you sleep better, feel calmer and more connected to others, and find more clarity about what you really want in life.


Exploring the way we are – our posture, movement and breathing, which significantly impact what we think, how we feel and what we achieve.


Mindfulness practices can help us improve our ability to manage our emotions, decrease stress and anxiety and focus our attention better, as well as improving our ability to be more present so we can enjoy the moment we are in.

Take an hour a week for yourself, to refresh and gain more energy and motivation to get through the week ahead. All in a calm compassionate space where you can safely express yourself.

If you have been severely impacted financially by Coronavirus, you are warmly invited to join on a by-donation basis.


About me


I am Allison Lindsay, a business psychologist, coach, author (on the topic of work-life balance) and breathworker. I work through the body-mind connection to help my clients build resilience and wellbeing.

I run workshops and support clients on a one-to-one basis with issues including stress management, anxiety, grief, finding their purpose in life, building confidence. I help them gain increased awareness of their self-limiting patterns and discover new ways to be, that are more satisfying, productive and meaningful.