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The Nature of Money

Thursday, September 19, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm BST

In this series of three workshops, we will have a light-hearted, fun and enlightening examination of your relationship with money in all its forms.

Do you feel uncomfortable about money? Does thinking about it sometimes leave you feeling anxious and worried? You’re not alone. 43% of us in the UK say we worry about money ‘more often than not’, while 17% worry about it all the time.

Money doesn’t have to be so serious! We will explore the energy of money, the misconceptions, how we hold ourselves in fear and discomfort, and will create a very new awareness and way of being that serves us so much better!

This series of three workshops will feature lots of practical exercises to create new habits that can bring so much more lightness and feelings of abundance into your life. We will be working with our bodies, our breath, the stories we have picked up from family and friends about money, and there will even be a “money massage”, fully clothed of course (in the full-day workshop)!

These three workshops can be booked individually but we encourage you to join us for all of them, as the experience these sessions will give you, taken over two months to allow you time to reflect and implement the practical advice and insights we will offer, will help you understand more deeply the nature of money; as well as the old habits, beliefs and patterns that are driving what can often be a complex and challenging relationship. You will discover how your habits are driving your relationship with money and how to change them to bring more abundance into every area of your life!

These workshops are for you if:

  • You find you can’t talk comfortably about money
  • You know that your upbringing has negatively impacted how you think and feel about money.
  • You want to develop a better relationship with money
  • You would love to turn money into a friend, instead of a foe.
  • You would like a lightness and ease with money.

If you would like to start totally rewiring your relationship with money, join us for these workshops.

You can book one or all of them.

Workshop 1: The Nature of Money 7pm-9pm, £25

19 September at The Lift, Angel

This introductory workshop will see us work together to explore how your relationship with money was formed, and increase awareness of the impact that is having on your life even today. You will learn real tools that you can apply straight away to make money into your friend, and bring more abundance into your life.

Workshop 2: Changing Your Money Habits 7pm-9pm, £25

22 October at The Lift, Angel

Revisit your relationship with money in this introductory workshop where we will explore what money really represents to you – be it status, a means to an end, a challenge or a constant source of worry. Find ways and learn practical tools that will bring more abundance into your life, helping you change habits and develop a more positive and rewarding relationship with money.

Workshop 3: Rewiring Your Relationship with Money 10-5pm, £95

Saturday 30 November at YHA St Pancras

This full-day workshop will help you understand why your relationship with money can be so difficult; why you find it hard to ask for what you are worth; and what you can do about it. We will deeply explore the factors that underpin how we relate to money and examine whether these old beliefs and ways of being are still serving us.

By the end of the day, you will have an entirely different perspective on money, greater self-awareness about what is driving your relationship with it, and a suite of practical tools that you can implement immediately to rewire and change your relationship with money for the better, and for good.

Note, these are not workshops on financial management and contain no advice about financial investments.

About your Workshop Leaders:

Allison Lindsay is a Business Psychologist, Coach and Wellbeing Facilitator. She has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world and is passionate about using the body-mind connection to help clients gain deep insight and understanding into their personal patterns, so that they can increase awareness of where these patterns are serving them, and not serving them, and have greater choice about how they live their lives.

Rosemary Cunningham has run her own business as a Money, Marketing and Soul Coach complementary therapist since 1993. She originally trained as a nurse and therapist but after experiencing her own challenges with debt and money anxiety, she now helps women entrepreneurs to have a happy, healthy relationship with money so they can authentically charge well for their services and run a business that they love.


If purchasing tickets for more than one person you can add their names and email addresses during the booking process. You will need to forward the email tickets to the other participants. Thank you.

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