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Get into your body. Get rid of stress

Sunday, October 18, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm BST

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Stressed? Worried? This body-mind based, fun and interactive workshop will help you learn new tools to bounce back and build resilience.

Part of the Breath and Embodiment Workshop Series

We know that thinking about stress does not make it go away. By doing things differently in our bodies we can make a real and tangible difference to the amount of stress that we feel, and to our ability to reduce our stress levels, quickly and easily – and it can be fun and creative as well!

By calming the body we can calm the mind. This workshop will use simple embodiment techniques to teach you how to align the body’s intelligence with that of the brain. This will help boost your awareness of how you carry and experience stress, giving you increased choice and new ways to respond to that stress, rather than simply reacting in the same old ways.

We will combine breathwork, movement and elements of play as we learn new tools and practise building our resilience.

Breathwork – Understand your unique breath pattern and how it impacts how you show up in the world. Learn to breathe freely and openly, using your breath to bring calm and peace

Movement – Discover how changing the way you move can bring fresh possibilities, increased creativity and new ways of thinking to help you manage stress better

Growth – Grow your self-awareness, so you have more choice and flexibility in how you respond to stressful situations

Connect – Feel a deeper sense of connection to others as you learn to get more fully grounded in your body, helping you manage stress more effectively

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About Your Trainers

Allison Lindsay. I am a business psychologist by background with a long history of working in the corporate world. Now I work as a coach and breathworker, with a particular focus on wellbeing and resilience-building.

I run workshops and support clients on a one-to-one basis with issues including stress management, anxiety, grief, finding their purpose in life, building confidence. I am particularly interested in utilising the body-mind connection to help my clients gain increased awareness of self-limiting patterns and discover new ways to be, that are more satisfying, productive and meaningful.

I am a published author (on the topic of work-life balance) and co-host of The Embodiment Podcast.


Hanna Suvanto. I help people to connect with their creativity through movement, even under stress. If you are feeling stuck, moving differently can shift how you think and bring new perspectives.

I am a Movement Psychotherapist with a background in Educational Psychology and health care. I run workshops that combine movement and creative methods that can help you gain self awareness and increase your creative possibilities.



Allison Lindsay

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