voice dialogue london, get to know your inner child, inner critic or shadow selves

voice dialogue drives awareness and choice

Ever heard yourself say “Part of me” or “I’m in two minds”? Then you already know that we’re made up of many different parts or selves. Discover who's really driving your life - your inner child, inner critic, or shadow - and find the freedom and flexibility to choose what you really want.

the types of issues my clients may bring to voice dialogue

Loss of confidence as they listen to that nagging internal voice, or inner critic, telling them they’re doing it wrong.

Having difficulties making big decisions, because it feels like they’re being pulled in different directions all at the same time.

Stuck in self-sabotage and wanting to shift their thinking and behaviour and start to act in a more positive and empowering way.

how voice dialogue can help

• Being able to speak directly to our different parts, to understand their perspective and what’s important to them, so we have a clearer idea of what’s actually driving our thinking and behaviour

• Making better choices, from a place of deeper insight, saving you money, hassle and time

• Reducing the power of your Inner Critic so you won't hear that constant nagging voice, or if you do, you can choose to not allow it to stop you doing the things that will help you to grow

• Empowering yourself by gaining a deeper sense of who you are, what's right for you and how you connect to your purpose and values

Voice Dialogue is a powerful methodology that can be used on a stand-alone basis to explore specific issues, or as part of a broader coaching package to build self-awareness, mental fitness, presence and intuitive skills. 

primary and disowned selves

Our Primary Selves are the ones we identify with, who seem 'like us'. The ones who are really running the show of our lives, dictating how we think, feel and behave. They might be the parts that want us to be seen as Responsible, Smart, Reliable, Tidy.

We also have other Selves (Selves in the Shadow or Disowned Selves), that don’t get much of a look-in, perhaps the parts that we consider to be Vulnerable, Arrogant, Proud, Lazy or Selfish.

Our Shadow or Disowned Selves sometimes push their way to the surface, so a Rebel self might show up when we finally have enough of being told what to do; our Inner Child might bring out our playful side; or a Risk-taker self might tempt us to act in a way that seems out-of-character.

As we get to know our different selves, exploring the gift that each of them brings us (and yes, even our Inner Critic or shadow selves that we don't want to acknowledge, have a gift for us), we start to understand our thinking and behaviour much better.

This increased self-awareness allows new possibilities to arise, possibilities that we can choose from consciously, rather than being stuck on auto-pilot. Possibilities which invite us to treat ourselves with the same compassion that we show to others.

what happens in a voice dialogue session

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We speak directly to the client’s different selves, discovering and exploring who they are, without trying to change them. This helps grow awareness and understanding of which parts have been driving thinking, behaviour and choices.

The process allows us to recognise that each voice we’re listening to is not actually us, but simply one voice among many, a voice we can choose to listen to, or not (in the same way we might choose to listen to the advice of a friend, or not).

At the end of the process, some space has been created for the client to more clearly understand the perspectives of each part. This empowers them to make a more informed choice about how they wish to move forward.

voice dialogue london, get to know your inner child, inner critic, shadow selves

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