transform yourself

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you're getting in your own way? If you are seeking personal growth and development, and know you need help to release the powerful woman that you are, then Transform Yourself could be for you.

Transform Yourself personal growth programme

transform yourself

If you're feeling stuck, like you're getting in your own way, seeking personal growth and development, and know that you need help in growing into the clear powerful woman that you are, then Transform Yourself could be for you.

Transform Yourself personal growth programme

What is the Transform Yourself programme?

Transform Yourself is a deep programme of self-development and personal growth. Entirely bespoke, it is an individual transformation journey giving you the opportunity to target specific areas where you feel stuck.

It will give you the support you need to nurture new skills and ways of being so you can allow hidden, ignored or unseen parts of yourself to come clearly into sight.  Transform yourself will help you step into and deeply embody the best version of yourself - at home and out in the world.

"I felt I'd found a partner. You really listened and I appreciated the way you ask questions and were able to recap what I said in a way that made it clearer to me."

Barbara O.

Personal growth and personal development programme

transform yourself is for you if:

  • You're tired of playing small, and are willing to drop the perfectionism or self-doubt that is holding you back

  • You want to live life aligned with life’s cycles and seasons, using their energy to inform and support powerful new ways of being

  • You're ready to take a long hard look at your patterns, face up to perhaps challenging new self-awareness, and embrace the work that needs to be done to give you the life you really want

  • You know this is your time, and you are committed to making the change, and to truly Transform Yourself

the benefits you will get:

  • A tailored personal growth programme using body-mind based practices, psychological behaviour change and insights from neuroscience and breathwork to bring deep and lasting change

  • A fresh sense of empowerment and the ability to cope when life throws you a curve ball

  • Increased self-worth and confidence

  • Improved mental and behavioural flexibility, so you can adapt quickly to whatever life throws at you, and find ways to flourish no matter the circumstances

  • Deeper understanding of how you relate to others

  • A release from the burden of constant people pleasing

  • Fresh insights, growing self-awareness and much more choice in how you live your life

  • Improved ability to recognise and name your stuckness, and to take positive action to break free of patterns that no longer serve you

  • A personal development programme unlike any other, one that truly empowers you to Transform Yourself and become the person you know you are at heart

how transform yourself works:

Transform Yourself is a bespoke programme where you select key areas of personal transformation that you would specifically like to focus on.

A typical journey lasts 6 months with one coaching session every two weeks. Length of commitment depends on the number of areas that you wish to focus on and the depth of enquiry that we agree to explore together.

As part of your commitment to the programme, we will define the specific areas that you want to work on. This may also happen in phases where we focus on particular areas that are most resonant and then move on to other areas at a later date, if desired.

areas we may choose to work on together:

  • Developing your personal presence, power and authority

  • Recognising and stopping self-sabotage in its tracks

  • Setting and maintaining strong but flexible boundaries

  • Being seen in the world, taking up the space you deserve and speaking your truth

  • Emotional intelligence and connecting to others

  • Making work-life balance work for you

  • Recognising and using your anger as a positive force for action

  • Boosting your emotional resilience and ability to manage stress