areas we may choose to explore together

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finding purpose and meaning

If you've ever had times when you felt like you were really clear, knowing exactly what you needed to do in order to achieve your goals, then you know how critical a sense of purpose is to creating the life that you want.

Defining your purpose has many benefits - alignment to something that feels bigger than you, less focus on stress and worry, finding it easier to see the bigger picture, as well as improving self-esteem and confidence as you are clearer on how to achieve your vision and goals for your life.

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living a values-led life

Do you feel as though you've gone off track, not sure who you are any more, that somehow the 'real you' has got lost in all of the doings of life?

One way to get back on track is to get back in touch with your values.

Our values are an important compass to help us make decisions, know when we are living and expressing ourselves authentically, and a source of motivation to keep going when things get tough, helping us live in a way that feels fulfilling and meaningful.

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overcoming self sabotage

Have you perfected the art of getting in your own way? Maybe it's procrastination, self-criticism, defensiveness or destructive behaviours that fuel your self-sabotage, or maybe it's something else.

To resolve self-sabotage we need to understand what's driving it. How, in fact, it's an adaptive strategy that we've devised to protect ourselves at some level.

Together we will dig under the surface to identify what's really going on, giving you the key to making choices that will serve you better and allow you to finally get out of your own way.

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growing your self worth and confidence

Whether it's Imposter Syndrome that's holding you back, concerns over speaking up in meetings for fear of 'getting it wrong', not being able to ask for what you need or challenges with setting boundaries and saying 'no', a lack of confidence or feelings of low self-worth can have a significant impact on what you are able to achieve.

Together we will explore the underlying issues that are showing up in low self worth and a lack of confidence. We'll work together to find the right way to resolve them for you, so you can be the confident, calm and assertive person who knows her own worth and what she brings to the table, and is able to speak clearly and even enjoy being seen for your true self.

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building emotional resilience

Do you frequently feel overwhelmed, perhaps unable to cope in situations that previously you would have handled with ease? Stress and worry can be pervasive and finding constructive ways to deal with them can help us move forwards more easily.

Building your emotional resilience will help you stay strong, bounce back when things get tough and help you keep things in perspective so you can make good choices more easily.

In this work we will draw upon many different tools - embodiment, breathing exercises, yoga nidra, meditation and mindfulness, as well as coaching to shift mindset and encourage helpful and sustainable behaviour change.

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making work-life balance work for you

Feel like all your time and energy is spent in one area of life (be that work, caring for others, or something else)? Never enough time for the things that you really love to do? Life feeling dull, tiring or even a bit of a slog?

Re-framing work-life balance as an ebb and flow or rhythm can take the pressure off, and help to reflect reality where different things take priority at different times.

Once we have defined the rhythm that is right for you, taking into account all the complexity of your life, then we will work together to help you set boundaries, ask for what you need, and ring-fence the time to meet your priorities.

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shifting stuck patterns, growing your power

Do you sometimes find it hard to speak your truth? Do you know that it's finally time to embrace your authentic self with integrity and show up as the person you really are?

This is a chance to look at patterns of behaviour and the recurring themes that keep showing up in your life, perhaps making you feel stuck. These old patterns are often trying to tell us something, and we can explore the guidance they are offering and gain fresh insight on how we need to shift in order to grow.

Increased awareness leads to greater choice, and if you wish, we can work to make small adjustments that will help you reflect the person that you really are and want to be.

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rewiring your relationship with money

Do you feel uncomfortable about money? Does thinking about it sometimes leave you feeling anxious and worried?

Want to break free of old family and personal beliefs that are holding you back and stopping you having the financial success that you deserve?

Get a better understanding of deeply held old habits, beliefs and ways of thinking that are driving what can often be a complex and challenging relationship.

Explore different money archetypes and discover which one may be influencing your ways of being around money.

Discover how to change those old ways that are no longer serving you, into ones that will bring more abundance, financially and otherwise, into your life.

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emotional intelligence and connecting to others

Do you sometimes find connecting to others, in the way that you want to, harder than it should be?

Maybe the relationship feels unequal, or like you're always following instead of leading, or you can't seem to have an honest conversation about things that are important to you.

This is a chance to explore the underlying dynamics of how you relate to others. Find out more about your own personality preferences, and those of others, and learn how to change those interactions so they are healthy and positive.

Practice setting clear and comfortable boundaries, feel confident getting your perspective across, know when it's your time to lead - and be ready to step into that role.