coaching and self-leadership products

1-2-1 coaching packages

What: 1-2-1 coaching sessions, ranging from 1-2 hours long, spaced out every 3-4 weeks

Minimum of 6-8 sessions plus follow-up of 2 sessions, six months later

Can also include assessment profiling using the iEQ9 Enneagram tool, providing deep insights into personality preferences and ways of being in the world, as well as identifying paths for growth

Who: Any employee struggling with a specific development issue; high potential team members who're looking to shift to the next level; leaders and executives

Where: Sessions can be held online or at the client's offices, by arrangement

coaching clinic

What: Coaching support can be made available for up to two days a month for a ‘Coaching Clinic’ for an organisation’s employees to gain coaching around specific topics, or development areas.

6 x 1 hour bookable sessions per day.

Who: For any employee to have access to.

Where: Can be provided virtually or in person at client’s offices, by arrangement.

leadership and employee development programmes

Bespoke programmes designed and delivered to meet your precise needs.

Topics can be selected from a library of workshop modules to fill specific skills or knowledge gaps, or a comprehensive programme designed, taking leaders and/or employees on a full development journey supporting them to step into their personal power with presence and commitment.

All programmes can be integrated with the iEQ9 Enneagram assessment tool, to explore habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour, and drive the growth needed to create well-rounded, flexible and adaptable employees who can respond effectively to change and challenges.

six week overcoming self-sabotage programme

weaken self-sabotage and promote self-starting instead

Turn your employees into self-leaders who role model excellence to themselves and others.

My evidence-based approach brings together work psychology and neuroscience to create that mindset of empowerment, where self-leadership becomes the norm and self-sabotage is a thing of the past.

I’ll help your people reconnect the intelligence of body and brain to deeply understand what triggers their self-sabotage, and how to weaken those triggers and strengthen the power of the creative, empathic, innovative and curious parts of their brain to overcome unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving.

They’ll become more able to embody their own natural authority and wisdom, true self-leaders – grounded, emotionally intelligent, self-aware.

an evidence-based programme to shift mindset and behaviour

My overcoming self-sabotage programme is designed for groups or teams (although individual employees can also be accommodated).

Create a common language and robust approach to help teams and individuals overcome self-sabotage through building their mental fitness.

As they progress through the programme, each employee will build their self-awareness and self-leadership skills, learning how their own key saboteurs show up, and teaching them to engage their sage muscles (empathy, curiosity, innovation, proactivity) more.

Dramatically improve performance, increase engagement and productivity through employees who work at their best, calm, clear and happy.

what the programme includes

Personal assessment and saboteur report for each participant

Weekly one-hour video sessions with experiential exercises to deepen understanding of the tools that build mental fitness

Daily practices guided through a personalised companion app, building one small muscle at a time to lay down new neural pathways and build positive habits

Weekly group coaching call

Proven results, backed by research with over 400,000 people from 50 countries

See a real difference in just six weeks