Helping employees work at their best, avoid burnout and stress

your employees are your business

Support your employees to work at their very best with the right resources, skills and knowledge. Help them build emotional intelligence and reduce stress and burnout to be at their most resilient.

employee challenges you may be facing

employees struggling to reach their potential?

Even good employees can get stuck in behaviour patterns that stop them developing as fast or as far as they could.

Help them grow in confidence, support new leaders to find their authentic personal power, champion neurodiverse colleagues to thrive.

teams not working well together?

Differences in working style within teams can have a tangible detrimental impact on productivity and engagement, as can dissimilar approaches to dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Re-invent team dynamics to encourage collaboration and co-operation. Build better communication.

stress and burnout impacting your business?

If your employees are buckling under the pressure, they are unable to serve your customers effectively.

Thoughtful wellbeing initiatives attract and engage talented team members, and help you retain the skilled colleagues that are critical to your business's long-term success.

"I had the pleasure of working with Allison during a major transformation at Malaysia Airlines. Not only is Allison extremely capable and professional, she combines this with empathy and humanity unique in the consulting game."

Mark Fulcher, formerly of Australia Post and EY

ways i can support you and your workforce

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coaching for employees

Coaching is an effective way to identify blocks to success and create real transformation.

Confidentiality is key, as is accountability, raising awareness of unhelpful patterns and encouraging discovery of new choices.

Coaching supports employees to implement concrete actionable plans that lead to sustainable success.

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engage and upskill

Soft skills training boosts employee confidence and emotional intelligence, improving communication and collaboration.

A focus on maximising strengths, and increasing mental and behavioural flexibility to cope with change ensures employees are empowered to perform in an increasingly uncertain and ambiguous world.

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wellbeing and resilience

A resilient team is a productive and engaged team.

Reap the rewards of boosting employees' resilience and wellbeing through programmes to promote self-care, empathy, mutual support and connection.

Simple, practical tools that can be called on in times of stress, overwhelm or burnout.

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neurodiverse coaching for employees

Neurodiverse employees bring huge advantages to business, with superpowers in creativity, originality and innovation.

However, they sometimes need extra support to work at their best in a world that is not set up for them.

Coaching to develop practical workplace strategies ensures they can reach their full potential, empowering them and enabling success.

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Breathwork for business

Join the breath revolution. Companies who see their employees as the heart of their business are embracing this cutting-edge approach to wellbeing and resilience.

Teaching your people simple breathwork techniques can be a game-changer for managing stress and burnout, enriching team connection and improving performance.

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Bespoke workshops and facilitation

Whether your challenge is in employee engagement, wellbeing or performance improvement, my practical, interactive approach gets people involved and fosters integration of learning back into the workplace.

I’d love to work with you to scope, design and deliver the right programme that will make all the difference to your teams.


benefits of working with me to support your employees

I am an experienced coach and facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world.

Having held multiple roles where I was responsible for L&D and recruitment for my teams, I know what it’s like to make business-critical decisions about investing in people in ways that will really make a difference - for them and for the business.

Throughout my career I have worked with employees and teams at all levels of the organisation. Drawing on my background as a business psychologist with an extensive range of body-mind based tools, I specialise in behavioural change and employee engagement.  I work collaboratively with individuals and teams to design corporate programmes and coaching that drive true transformation.

My approach is both practical and straightforward.  It brings deep insights quickly to the surface, encouraging awareness and choice. Combined with concrete practical action plans and accountability, my collaborative approach and bespoke programmes drive commitment and real change, quickly and sustainably.