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We begin our journey by exploring what has brought you here. The specific circumstances, thoughts and feelings that have led you to this point of change in your life.

Together we will gently review and consider your goals and what a good outcome of this programme will look like for you - creating our alliance for working together, and setting some aims and outcomes together.


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This stage of your journey is all about self-awareness and discovery.

Using a range of tools, and powerful body-mind based enquiry, we will explore your patterns and ingrained ways of being, your superpowers and strengths, to understand how they have played out in your life, and their role in shaping your future.

We will give permission for hidden aspirations to arise, to realise and express emotions and thoughts, including those which have been ignored or pushed away because they didn't 'feel possible'.

We will also explore what's holding you back, any obstacles, barriers or limiting beliefs that may slow or stop your growth.

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This stage is your opportunity to dream, and to imagine what your life could be like as we explore all the options available, and narrow them down to those that feel resonant and purposeful for you.

Taking our inspiration broadly, this may be a time for vision boarding, mindfulness exercises, breathwork, getting outside into nature - all ways to open horizons and consider what feels exciting and meaningful.

We will create a vision of what your ideal life looks like - whether the focus is the relationships you want, the career and home life you'd love, or the things that will bring you emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment. This will all be designed around you.

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Shift is the platform for real change to start taking shape.

This might be working to overcome barriers, to speak your truth more clearly, to set appropriate boundaries, learning to make time for yourself and your needs, to be less of a people-pleaser, to be more truly you.

This is a time of skills-building, trying out new embodiments that are aligned to your desired lifestyle and ways of being, seeing what feels right and experimenting to see what fits and what does not.

This stage is about shifting patterns, shifting consciousness and shifting beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve you. Together we will create a powerful plan to shift your life to the life that you truly want.

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The final stage of the programme focuses on sustainability, commitment and ritual to embed the powerful changes you have made.

After all the work it's critical that you can sustain the changes you have made, so we will design and implement the optimal ways that are going to keep you on track, to continue living your best life.

This is about embedding joy and meaning in your life, and reaping the rewards of everything you have done to reboot your life into the life that you really want.


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supporting you along your journey

You will be fully supported throughout your journey, with:

  • weekly 50-minute coaching sessions

  • 30 minutes email support a week

  • specially recorded meditations to support you through each stage of the programme

  • yoga nidra and breathwork guided sessions to support your self-care and clarity along the journey

  • weekly personal affirmations to focus your intention for each part of the journey

  • compassionate presence, kindness and accountability