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get more out of life

More meaning, more fun, more creativity. Are you looking for personal growth, to reduce stress and to live life in colour again?

If it’s time to make a change, discover fresh insights, open up your choices and keep your success sustainable, you’ve come to the right place.

the challenges you might be facing

stressed or anxious? close to burnout?

Is life is really busy, work is exhausting and you need to recalibrate your work-life balance, deal with stress or worries, overcome overwhelm, and improve your ability to 'bounce back' when times are tough?

Feeling stuck? Getting in your own way?

Does it feel like a lack of confidence, people pleasing, poor boundaries, constant self-sabotage, finding it hard to make time for self-care or the inability to ask for what you need are the hallmarks of your life?

In midlife. Ready to step into a new way of being?

Are you the 'rock' for everyone else, with no-one to support you? Do friends and family see you as successful, but inside it feels like life lacks meaning? Has the real you got lost along the way and you’re ready to find the way back to yourself?

"I was very glad I contacted Allison as she was very understanding and kind, non-judgemental and responsive."

Christine K.

my clients are women just like you

Successful women who feel stuck, who are struggling with stress, at risk of burnout or unable to function in situations that they would normally handle with ease.

Women who are seeking the empowerment of personal growth and who are committed to making the changes needed to create the life that they want.

Are you curious, willing to experiment and try out new ideas and ways of being? Do you feel intrigued about tapping into the intelligence of the body and the mind (exploring your embodiment and understanding the impact it has on your life) to finally get the insights you need to make change happen?

If this sounds like you, please get in touch to see how I can help.

we are likely to be a good fit if you:

  • have manifested many of the things and experiences you've dreamed of but are having trouble actually enjoying them

  • are looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate partner to support your transformation, one that will also hold you accountable for the commitments to change that you make

  • want to feel good about taking up space and being seen

  • are keen to connect better to yourself and relate more meaningfully to others

  • know you have to start looking after yourself in the way that you've made a lifetime out of looking after others

  • are seeking personal growth, willing to go deep, to be bold and creative in your quest to transform

ways in which we may choose to work together



True transformation involves every part of you – mind, body, spirit and emotions. Working with all of you on your personal growth journey is the only way to truly focus on your wellbeing. We will work together to help you reduce stress and burnout discover your real purpose and bring meaning back into your life. Holistic coaching will enable you to reconnect more deeply to your inner self, so that you can define and create the life that will make you happy.

You are unique. Your coaching journey will be uniquely designed for you to reflect the changes you want to make and the challenges you want to overcome. It will empower you to be yourself, to rediscover your own inner wisdom, and to bring the life changes you wish for into being.

Along the way there may be challenging moments and difficult emotions but there will also be laughter and joy. We will journey together, working with compassion, kindness and accountability.

Breathwork for stress management


Ever find yourself holding your breath? Part of the ‘fight or flight’ response, breath holding is a way of ‘not feeling’ in the moment. It's actually a great short-term coping mechanism for stress or burnout but those feelings don't go away. They get locked inside your body which can make you feel heavy, sad or build up stress.

Breathwork is a potentially life-changing way of releasing and integrating stuck emotions, helping you feel lighter, calmer, more able to cope. Learn simple practical ways to respond differently, using something that you always have available, wherever you are.

Breathwork benefits include more energy, calmness, better sleep, less stress, greater clarity, and more.

Embodiment for personal growth

body-mind based insight

Real insight comes from using the intelligence of our bodies and our minds - the body-mind connection or our embodiment. So, as well as asking powerful questions of the mind, we will also be asking questions of the body.

Our embodiment is the way we hold ourselves, move and breathe. It reflects the life we've led, what we do in the present moment, and influences what we are capable of in the future.

Our embodiment profoundly influences how we perceive the world, and through that perception, how we act and relate to others, which in turn influences the outcomes we get.

Gaining increased awareness of your habitual embodiment can be a major driver in your personal growth. This awareness will bring you a deeper sense of connection to yourself and increase your flexibility and adaptability.  Self insight will give you the power to make choices over when and how to shift your embodiment to reduce stress and improve relationships and outcomes.

specific personal growth programmes that may be supportive for you

Personal growth through confidence building and a greater sense of your own embodiment

more confident you

Coaching and breathwork to help you feel calmer and reduce stress

calmer you

Manage stress through building your emotional resilience, embodiment

emotional resilience


breathing through grief

Coaching, embodiment and personal growth for stress management and to transform yourself

transform yourself

Embodiment and coaching for personal growth

midlife reboot


Charmaine L.

Reconnected with what was truly important

"Through the breathwork I tapped into authentic truth of my being in the feelings and sensations of my body. Away from the thoughts, I was clear on what was truly important to me in this moment. It felt empowering to express myself like this without fear of being judged."

Cecilia A.

Successfully changed career

"Allison is a gifted coach. She helped me to identify and develop my skills, strengths and interests, which are still very valuable to my career. She has a natural desire to bring out the best in you and help you build the confidence needed to maximise on your strengths and interests and I certainly learnt a lot from her."

a little extra support for your wellbeing, choose your free gift

wellbeing and resilience through breathwork

breath meditation

Your free Breath Meditation, gently guiding you through a simple breathing exercise to help you feel calmer and have more clarity.

wellbeing and performance through rest and the bodymind connection

yoga nidra recording

A relaxing yoga nidra designed to take you into a state between sleep and wakefulness, where we often have our most creative ideas.

bodymind tools for confidence, performance and wellbeing

confidence tips pdf

Simple and easy to use tips to boost your confidence in the moment, so you can take up the space you deserve in the world.

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Then, if it feels like we'd be a good fit to work together, contact me and we can set up an initial call to see how I can help you reach your personal growth goals.

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School for Wellbeing - Transformation through purpose, performance, resilience

Hello, I'm Allison

I'm a coach, business psychologist, breathworker and wellbeing facilitator. I co-host The Embodiment Podcast and regularly speak in front of groups seeking fresh ideas on how to shift up their lives, reduce stress and find more fulfilment.

Having spent over 20 years in the corporate world, I get how life can be hectic. Even if our work is interesting and exciting, it can also be draining at times.  As I looked after my father through his dementia, I understand the pressures caregiving can bring.  For many years now I’ve felt that desire to make the most of my life.  Looking after myself and my growth in terms of career and personal life have been very important as well as finding ways to care for my emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

My personal growth journey began with a lot of travel which really opened my eyes to meditation and alternative therapies. This exploration continued when I returned home, getting a Master’s degree in business psychology and publishing my research on work-life balance. Since then I’ve studied breathwork, grief, embodiment, sound healing, yoga nidra, reiki, meditation and mindfulness. This has been my quest for a deeper understanding of how to find joy and to uncover what feels purposeful and meaningful to me.

Now I get to help others. Those who want to use the body-mind connection to get more deeply in touch with themselves, so they can be their calmest, happiest, most creative, fulfilled and confident selves

I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned and to support you to create your own best life.