I help organisations create human-centred workplaces

with self-leadership as the norm, supercharging performance by unlocking the full potential of all employees

Empowering People • Humanising Workplaces

I help organisations create human-centred workplaces

with self-leadership as the norm, supercharging performance by unlocking the full potential of all employees

Empowering People • Humanising Workplaces

challenges you may be facing in your organisation

Employees and leaders struggling to reach their full potential

Stress and burnout impacting your business

Worried about how to support employees who are sabotaging their own success

how the school for wellbeing can help

I believe in the power of human-centred workplaces, ones where employees can bring their whole selves to work and grow into their full human potential.

My work with clients is focused on all aspects of bringing that humanity back into the workplace, through coaching, employee / leadership development, and resilience building programmes that help people step into their power, developing the skills and self-awareness for true workplace success.

Human-centred workplaces:
• create self-aware leaders who role model what it means to work at their best

• empower their employees to show up as their whole selves at work – confident, creative, capable
• prioritise wellbeing, knowing it’s more than just stress management and mental health – it’s about helping employees find purpose and meaning, and unleashing their strengths so they can grow, and through their own personal growth, to grow the business too

"Not only is Allison extremely capable and professional, she combines this with empathy and humanity unique in the consulting game"

Mark Fulcher, Director ASEAN Consulting, EY

inside the school for wellbeing


coaching and self-leadership

To lead others, first we must be able to lead ourselves.

This belief is at the heart of all my work, supporting my clients as they develop the insights, awareness and empowerment that will enable them to move forward, reach their goals, and support and inspire their own teams.

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overcoming self-sabotage

If you have a leader, employee or team who’re sabotaging their own success, improve performance by helping them spot and acknowledge unhelpful patterns, and then take the right action to shift their thinking and behaviour so they can move beyond self-sabotage into success.


resilience and wellbeing

Happy, looked-after employees mean happy, looked-after clients. The right resilience-building and wellbeing programme - a simple framework, embedded across your business, driving the right behaviour - keeps your employees and your business healthy too.

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voice dialogue

Discover how Voice Dialogue helps you understand the different parts of yourself and the ways they impact on your thinking, feelings and behaviour.

Make better choices, quieten the voice of your Inner Critic, and gain deeper insight into who you really are.



Our breath is the one wellbeing tool that we always have with us. A simple and effective tool to manage burnout and stress, transforming wellbeing.

Regular breathwork can reduce anxious thoughts, improve attention, decision-making and memory.

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Hi, I'm Allison

I'm a coach, breathworker and wellbeing facilitator, with a background in business psychology, change management, employee engagement and culture change.

I have a deep interest in what makes people tick, and believe that when we bring the intelligence of the brain and the body together, we create that special synergy that allows genuine and long-lasting development to take place.

I've spent over 20 years in the corporate world, so I get what it's like to work in a fast-paced, hectic and demanding environment.

I also know how rewarding it can be to work with great colleagues, and to deliver amazing work, and that's where I want to help. Supporting people to really shine and perform at their best.

how to get employees to engage with their own employee at work

Download your free article on supporting your employees with their wellbeing

Get inspiration and advice to create your own human-centred business. I love to share stories of successful organisations and employees who've gone the extra mile as ambassadors for their human-centred workplace.

If you'd like some inspiration, plus tips and ideas about how you can bring humanity back into your own workplace, then sign up here to receive regular nuggets of wisdom.

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what people say about working with me

client feedback

"She brings deep knowledge, great analytical skills and genuine curiosity, presenting herself with a calm and confidence that makes you absolutely certain you are in good hands.
Stine Ekstrom, Regional HR Communications Specialist, LEO Pharma

"Her calm, professional demeanour and expertise helped us achieve our goal."
Deborah Kroeger, Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition, LEO Pharma

"Allison is a gifted coach. She helped me to identify and develop my skills, strengths and interests. I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her."
Cecilia Akinsowon, Senior Research Analyst, Clusters

client feedback

"Allison understands the goals of organisations, and what makes them 'tick' and tailors her work to reflect this. She is both thoughtful and focused, an excellent, empathetic listener who delivers a very professional quality of work"
Frances Bates, former Chair of Trustees, The Mary Ward Settlement

"Her passion for people and culture and really nurturing and supporting people really shines through. She has a deep understanding of how to get the best from people on an individual, team and business level."
Kate Clover, Talent Acquisition Associate, Ketchum

workshop attendee feedback

"Allison was very personable and easy to listen to and also very knowledgeable"

"Allison was succinct, easy to understand and very aware of all the group"

"I found Allison to be warm and engaging - inviting people to talk or share experiences, but not forcing them to"

"Friendly and down-to-earth style"

“This workshop was really beneficial. I have come away with some really practical techniques to use throughout the day to help stay grounded”