Finding a Way Forward

//Finding a Way Forward
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Finding a way forward

Grief is painful and lonely. It is easy to feel isolated, stuck, unsure how to move forward with your life.

If your lovely memories of a special person, or pet; or the satisfaction you gained from your past career are turning to pain rather than pleasure, or if you feel stuck in an endless cycle of ‘What ifs’ and ‘If onlys’, and feel as though all your hopes and dreams for the future have disappeared due to the unwanted life changes you are experiencing, please get in touch.


One to One Sessions

If you prefer to work through your grief in a setting of privacy, confidentiality and with individual support, contact me to arrange a series of private one to one sessions. Receive gentle compassionate guidance to complete our simple grief recovery process, helping you to come to terms with your grief and recover your joy.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are also available, where you can come together in a safe, confidential environment, to work through the grief recovery process together with other grievers. This setting gives you a safe place to articulate your feelings, and be supported by other group members.

During both One to One and Group sessions we will explore together common misconceptions around grief, gain a deeper understanding of our own relationship to grief and the grieving process, and review how the losses we have experienced in our lives have shaped our current grief experience. We will also work through a series of simple actions to resolve what needs to be completed around our loss, giving a clear and simple route to recovery.

Get in Touch

Supplementing the Grief Recovery programme with Transformational Breath sessions will help you to deal with grief consciously, and also to integrate grief at the subconscious and cellular level.