Breathe for Wellbeing – Transformational Breath(R) workshop

//Breathe for Wellbeing – Transformational Breath(R) workshop
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The School for Wellbeing welcomes both beginners and experienced breathers to experience an afternoon of healing, relaxation and self care. This workshop is suitable for everybody regardless of age, physical fitness or mobility.
Transformational Breath® is a self-healing technique that helps people to access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being.

This workshop will introduce you to the benefits of Transformational Breath®. You will be gently supported to explore the self-healing capacity of your own breath, taking you on a journey deep inside, to a place of deep relaxation and calmness.

The workshop will feature both sound and movement as well as the use of gentle acupressure techniques, as you learn how to connect your breath with your conscious and sub-conscious mind in a comfortable, safe environment.

This is your opportunity to close your eyes, relax and be gently guided through an afternoon of learning and sensory experience.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you will learn a pattern of conscious breathing, that is natural, safe and healthy.
Accessing a full diaphragmatic breath can help you with:

– Increased energy levels

– More open and free breathing pattern
– Detoxification

– Better sleep patterns

– Enhanced feeling of vitality

– Deep relaxation

– Deeper sense of connection with others

– Improved clarity of thought

– Increased sense of calm

– Reduced levels of stress and anxiety

Join this workshop for an afternoon of learning and experience. Your body and mind will feel lighter, freer and much more relaxed after just one session.

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