employee wellbeing and resilience building for a better business

Your employees are your business. Supporting their wellbeing promotes good citizenship, reduces stress and burnout, improves work-life balance and builds resilience.

employee wellbeing and resilience

employee wellbeing and resilience building for a better business

Your employees are your business. Supporting their wellbeing promotes good citizenship behaviours, reduces stress and burnout, improves work-life balance and builds resilience.

a focus on employee wellbeing and resilience keeps your business healthy too

A great employee wellbeing programme is fun and engaging as well as informative. It helps employees make small changes that, over time, build up to make a real difference, to them and to your bottom line, as productivity, resilience and engagement increase.

done right, employee wellbeing is a magnet for talent

A well thought out wellbeing programme can be a key element of your Employer Value Proposition, differentiating you from your competition for talent, and providing a real draw for great people to want to work for you.

"Allison is exceptional in being able to absorb and work with organisations of differing cultures and a wide range of personalities. She understands the goals of organisations and what 'makes them tick' and tailors her work to reflect this."

Frances Bates, Chair, The Mary Ward Settlement

getting the right results on employee wellbeing and resilience

success depends on behaviour change

Focus on small, consistent changes in behaviour that are relevant and appropriate for your workforce.

build around a simple framework

Create cut-through by using clear consistent messaging to set out expectations, as well as the impact and benefits of the programme.

embed wellbeing in all aspects of work

Demonstrate the organisation genuinely has employee best interests at heart by making employee wellbeing mainstream rather than a 'nice-to-have'.

employee wellbeing and resilience

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Get inspiration and advice to create your own human-centred business. I love to share stories of successful organisations and employees who've gone the extra mile as ambassadors for their human-centred workplace.

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employee wellbeing at the heart of your workplace

resilience building, stress, burnout, work-life balance management

resilience building programmes

If you've noticed a spike in employee stress levels, upskilling employees in practical tools, resourcing them to thrive through both the ups and the downs, can help things get back on track

My programmes are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Potential areas that can be covered include:

  • Breathwork for emotional resilience

  • Sleep, rest and energy management

  • Overcoming self-sabotage

  • Competencies for work-life balance

  • Developing presence and confidence

  • Social support and relationships

  • Building mental and behavioural flexibility

  • Mindfulness for healthy high performance

burnout prevention and support, stress management, work-life balance

burnout prevention and support

If you have specific employees at risk of burnout, or already taking time off work due to stress, individually tailored support for resilience building can be the answer.

  • Resilience coaching to build self-awareness, skills and emotional intelligence

  • One-to-one breathwork sessions providing a safe space to explore difficult emotions and find balance and calm

  • Support following bereavement or other losses

  • Grief coaching and support

  • Practical techniques to manage anxious thoughts and stress

employee wellbeing and resilience, work-life balance, stress, burnout

employee wellbeing consulting services

If you're looking to design and embed a new employee wellbeing and resilience building programme, or to upgrade your current programme I'd love to help you think through the key considerations and how you can support your employees in the most effective way.

Wellbeing and resilience can also be a massive draw in developing your own unique and appealing Employer Value Proposition (EVP). I have vast experience in developing powerful and successful EVPs for a range of clients. If you'd like to find out more about how wellbeing can support you in attracting and retaining the right talent, then please talk to me.