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Embodiment – The body is a fundamental part of who we are, and has a critical influence on our human experience. Working with the body generates deep insights, complements more recognised cognitive approaches, and is key to driving sustainable change in behaviour.

Embodiment coaching is a powerful way to quickly identify what is at the heart of an issue, opening up insights and allowing people to experience different ways of being. Insights gained lead to behaviour changes that are both sustainable and effective.

Through simple tools and practices we can learn new skills that raise our awareness of our habits, patterns and habitual ways of being. Once we are aware, we then have a choice as to whether our current ways of being are still serving us effectively. We can become aware of, and make changes to, our intention, posture, movement, breathing. Even subtle changes can dramatically impact our experience of the world, both for ourselves, and in relationship to others.

IMAGE: Marivi Pazos

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