How Does Coaching Work?

//How Does Coaching Work?
How Does Coaching Work? 2017-06-01T02:49:08+01:00

Coaching sessions last 45-60 minutes, usually either fortnightly or monthly, and take place over the the phone/Skype or face to face. I am based in London but have clients all over the world.

There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions, although I do ask clients to commit to working together for 3 months, as this gives us enough time to really explore the substance of the issues you are seeking to work with, and create an action plan for success through bringing about substantial change.

Please get in touch for an initial conversation or discovery session.

This gives us both the chance to find out more about each other, decide whether we are a ‘good fit’ to work together – as you will quickly discover that the magic in coaching is in the relationship – and forms a first discussion about the areas you would like to receive coaching in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I hope the information below will help to demystify some of the questions you may have about coaching, what it is and who it can help.

What is coaching and what benefits does it bring? 2017-03-31T02:43:39+01:00

Coaching is a process which helps people to build the life that they want. Some coaches specialise in particular areas, such as leadership development or personal growth, others have a broader remit. The results that you achieve with coaching will depend very much upon what you personally want to achieve, and the type of work that you undertake with your coach.

Sometimes the benefits that you get are not what you anticipated, for example you may learn skills that you didn’t know existed, you may find a sense of fulfilment and empowerment that perhaps felt impossible before. It is surprising how making changes and improvements in one area of your life can have significant knock-on effects to other parts of your life. For example, working on improving your relationship with your boss at work can also lead to improvements in your personal relationships with friends, your partner and/or your children. As you develop a stronger and deeper connection to your work, finding it more fulfilling, you may also find that you want to take better care of yourself, so that you are healthy and fit enough to continue to enjoy your career and your life for many years to come.

Who can benefit from coaching? 2017-03-31T02:44:20+01:00

Everyone can benefit from coaching. However, you need to be ready to change and put in the effort along the process. People are able to sustain extraordinary levels of pain and suffering in their lives, for many reasons. Sometimes people simply don’t realise a different and more fulfilling way of life is possible, other times, people are invested in maintaining the status quo at some level and this stops them moving forward or being able to change because when it comes down to it they are not really willing to do anything different.

If you want to change your life, if you want to learn, and if you are determined to try something new, then you will benefit from coaching. It is about recognising that the actions and activities that got you to where you are in your life now, won’t get you to the next stage that you want to achieve. You need to be ready to make that commitment to change, and then you will benefit.

What does coaching involve? 2017-03-31T02:44:30+01:00

Superficially, coaching is a simple conversation. However, in reality it is much more than that. Coaching is a conversation that really matters, it is a conversation about you, and about your hopes, wishes and dreams.

It is a conversation where you do most of the talking, and I listen, and listen deeply, asking about what really matters to you. Together we will seek to identify what is most important to you in your life. You do not have to please me as you do so many other people in your life, this conversation is all about you. We will identify the things in your life that drain you of energy, and the things in your life that give you energy and joy. Clarity over what these are will draw you towards your dreams, and make you more effective in achieving them. We will also work through some exercises together – this may be journaling, reflecting on some specific questions, drawing, or engaging in some form of movement as often your body ‘knows’ what you need in a way that your mind does not, as the answer you seek may be pre-verbal, intuitive, almost without a language. We will also spark your imagination through the use of visualisations, and engage in play using metaphors to help us look at your world from different perspectives.

Each session will also provide the opportunity to take actions – both big and small. Without action nothing changes. Sometimes it will feel scary, but you can take that action knowing that you are fully supported, and, on those occasions when you fail (and you will, because we all do), we will pick you up, dust you off, and make sure you’re ready to go back out there and try again. We will also make sure you have the right tools in your toolkit to help you navigate the journey, and set you up to go forward without me.

How long does coaching last? 2017-03-31T02:44:36+01:00

The International Coach Federation (ICF) states that the average coaching relationship lasts for 8.7 months. However, some clients stay longer and others reach the goals they were seeking in just a few short weeks. It really is a very individual process. Some people also like to come back for a ‘top-up’ every so often, perhaps when they have a specific challenge or project that is very important to them and where they want to take action as effectively as possible, and without sabotaging themselves along the way through taking risks without the right support in place. All these ways of working are good, and it’s really about making the right choice for you.

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