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Coaching is a process of self discovery.

It is a means to increase your self-awareness and learn more about yourself – accessing your inner resources and creativity.

Make essential choices in your life; take action from a place of inner knowing; develop greater confidence and authenticity.

Coaching is about exploring your own life and choices, getting clear on your vision, and dispelling the limiting beliefs and mindset that are stopping you achieving your goals. It is not counselling and it is not advice or direction.

As your coach, I believe you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. I am not trying to ‘fix’ you, but rather to encourage and help you grow. As your coach, my role is to facilitate you in the process of self-discovery, helping you to live your life to your full potential, and in full alignment to your personal values.

It is a unique opportunity to examine your motivations, desires and skills, building the confidence and creating the plan to live the life that is important and fulfilling to you.

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We all have dreams, and we all want our lives to be meaningful, fulfilling and to feel that sense of connection, with ourselves, and with others. Coaching will help you develop self-belief, resilience and skills to deal with failure and set-backs, wherever in your life you encounter them.

This is especially important in today’s always-on world, with the carefully edited and curated lives that people share on social media. This invites comparison and increases the pressure on everyone to have lives that look good, feel good and apparently have no downside, difficulty or challenges.

Coaching will help you achieve the success you are looking for, and to achieve that success together with a strong sense of fulfilment and meaning. There is no point in getting to the top if you don’t care about what you have achieved once you have arrived!

The Coaching Process

We use a variety of tools during the coaching process, including:

  • Powerful questions to stretch you and facilitate your own thought processes
  • Encouraging commitment to take action rather than just talking about it
  • Holding your agenda and keeping the bird’s eye view for you
  • Listening and reflecting back as a ‘mirror’ for you
  • Reducing noise to allow your instincts to be in charge again
  • Visualisation and creative techniques to change your perspectives and access your inner resources
  • Challenging you to unlock your potential and maximise your performance

Coaching allows you to reach your desired goals quicker, through a powerful process that allows you to access success in a way that is richer and more rewarding than the point you would be able to accomplish if you were working alone.

Coaching creates a bridge between now and the future. Successful coaching is about developing the skills that will allow us to walk across that bridge on our own, and without a coach beside us, because we have the right tools, the right attitude and the right mindset to achieve our goals alone.

Coaching Services

Remember, you potentially already possess the right tools, the right attitude and the right mindset to achieve your goals. If you’d like to find out more concerning our Coaching Services, please click the button below.