coaching and self-leadership to transform potential into excellence

To lead others effectively, first we must learn to lead ourselves.

Employee coaching and self-leadership skill development builds confidence, improves communication and drives performance, helping your team reach their full human potential.



To lead others effectively, first we must learn to lead ourselves.

Employee coaching and self-leadership skill development builds confidence, improves communication and drives performance, helping your team reach their full human potential.

When we invest in developing the self-leadership skills of all employees, we not only create compelling, compassionate leaders (essential for the human-centred workplace) but we create leaders at all levels of the organisation – empowered employees who are self-aware, able to challenge themselves, and proactively flex their thinking and behaviour to meet whatever challenges and changes may arise.

Embodying our highest self-leadership changes the expression of our leadership of others. Being fully in our own authentic human self allows us to bring that out in others, changing the way in which we interact with our peers and teams, and creating a more positive, creative and healthy dynamic in which everyone can grow and support each other.


"Allison has a very holistic approach when it comes to coaching. She is gentle yet she can challenge you fully to think beyond what you have already been thinking."

Harleen C.

creating great leaders; driving performance and productivity

Whether you're looking to support an individual employee who’s struggling with a particular issue, encouraging a high potential team member to make the next step up in their career; or implementing a full leadership development programme, developing self-leadership skills should be at the very heart of your thinking.

Self-leadership skills improve decision making, drive mental fitness, build emotional intelligence and shift people into a place where they can embody their power, confidence and values.

Coaching for self-leadership shifts people into positive ‘can-do’ thinking and mindsets that really make the difference, for themselves and for everyone they come into contact with.

  • Leaders who embody confidence, inspiring trust and a willingness to go the extra mile because employees truly believe in the work they're doing
  • Engaged employees with deep self-awareness and confidence, who stand up for shared values with ease and assurance
  • Teams with a more nuanced understanding of themselves and each other, all pulling together
  • Improved communication and reduced team conflict
  • Empowered proactive employees, with their own 'personal resources toolkit' of simple, practical, impactful techniques they can draw upon to support them in sustaining the mental and behavioural flexibility to thrive in an ever-changing world

what's it like to work with me?

my principles for great coaching

First is trust. This goes beyond confidentiality to a place where the client feels safe to share what may be difficult or challenging realities and is willing to try new ways of thinking and being, even when it feels uncomfortable.

Making it fun, because we learn better when we’re having fun.

Looking under the surface, to find out which of our selves (whether it’s our over-achiever, our perfectionist, our inner critic…) is really running the show. Once we understand that, we’re in a better position to make changes.

The power of a co-creative process, where we journey together to discover fresh insights, and to create action plans that work for each client, in their uniqueness, rather than a generic approach of one-size-fits-all.

a body-mind based approach to self awareness

Real insight comes from using the intelligence of  both our bodies and our brains.

When we’re saying things like “I will do that”, “I must do that”, “I should do that”, but we don’t, I believe there’s a disconnect between body and brain. When we get them into alignment we open up the space of possibility, we can take the insights that arise and actually embody the change we’re seeking.

Our embodiment is the way we hold ourselves, move and breathe. It profoundly influences how we perceive the world, and through that, how we act and relate to others, influencing the outcomes we get, and how others perceive us.

Increased awareness of our embodiment significantly influences our personal growth, increasing our personal impact and effectiveness.

A few more things about me. I'm curious and I love to understand why things work the way they do. That means I’ll often bring in some science or evidence, to help clients understand the rationale behind what I'm asking them to try or experiment with. It helps ground the work we’re doing in something that feels tangible and solid.

My background as a business psychologist and my international experience in many parts of the corporate world also make a real difference, because I ‘get’ the pressures people are working under.

I bring together all that experience with my studies in both academic and esoteric worlds to create down-to-earth practical tools that can be used in the moment to help make work life a bit easier.

I hope this has given you a bit of insight into what it’s like to work with me. If you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a note and ask more.

coaching and leadership development packages

Virtual and blended coaching and leadership development packages to transform thinking and behaviour; build flexibility, resilience and engagement; and drive business success.

Support can be provided through flexible 1-2-1 coaching focused on resolving specific issues, or through a structured leadership or employee development programme encompassing all the aspects of self-leadership to create great leaders at every level of your organisation.

I believe that we learn better when we learn in a fun and interactive environment, and so all programmes are experiential, growth-focused and hands-on.

1-2-1 coaching packages

What: 1-2-1 coaching sessions, ranging from 1-2 hours long, spaced out every 3-4 weeks

Minimum of 6-8 sessions plus follow-up of 2 sessions, six months later

Can also include assessment profiling using the iEQ9 Enneagram tool, providing deep insights into personality preferences and ways of being in the world, as well as identifying paths for growth

Who: Any employee struggling with a specific development issue; high potential team members who're looking to shift to the next level; leaders and executives

Where: Sessions can be held online or at the client's offices, by arrangement

coaching clinic

What: Coaching support can be made available for up to two days a month for a ‘Coaching Clinic’ for an organisation’s employees to gain coaching around specific topics, or development areas.

6 x 1 hour bookable sessions per day.

Who: For any employee to have access to.

Where: Can be provided virtually or in person at client’s offices, by arrangement.


leadership and employee development programmes

Bespoke programmes designed and delivered to meet your precise needs.

Topics can be selected from a library of workshop modules to fill specific skills or knowledge gaps, or a comprehensive programme designed, taking leaders and/or employees on a full development journey supporting them to step into their personal power with presence and commitment.

All programmes can be integrated with the iEQ9 Enneagram assessment tool, to explore habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour, and drive the growth needed to create well-rounded, flexible and adaptable employees who can respond effectively to change and challenges.