breathwork for resilience & wellbeing

Our breath is the one wellbeing tool that we always have with us. A simple and effective tool to manage burnout and stress, transforming wellbeing.

A regular breathwork practice can reduce anxious thoughts, and improve attention, decision-making and memory.

ways breathwork can support wellbeing and resilience

Managing stress levels, and mitigating and managing the impact of burnout


Improving the ability to connect with others and build strong meaningful relationships with colleagues and loved ones

Improving concentration, attention and the ability to make clear grounded decisions

"Allison helped me reconnect with the power of breathing properly. I found her method to be highly effective, both in the moment and to take with me. Her style is very intelligent and engaging."

Meg Lustman, Keyhaven Capital Partners

breathwork basics

What if we could harness something that we have to do stay alive, to help us live more fully and more productively?

Learning to breathe consciously is a quick way to feel calmer and less stressed, reducing the risk of burnout.

My breathwork sessions teach simple practical breath techniques in a down-to-earth way. They help develop greater awareness of habitual breath patterns, and ways to adjust the breathing pattern to effectively manage the emotions in difficult situations -  invaluable in consciously choosing how to respond, rather than simply reacting in the moment to what is immediately in front of us.

some of the benefits of breathwork

• Reduce the risk of stress and burnout

• Improved ability to manage stress and worry

• Increased clarity of thought for better decision making

• Improved levels of attention and reduced distractibility

• Better sleep, more able to rest and relax

• Improved memory, recall and creativity

• Higher self-esteem and confidence

• Better team bonding and connection to others

explore breathwork with the school for wellbeing


breathwork for emotional resilience

A one-hour introduction to breathwork for businesses.

A short empowering session supporting employees to manage their emotional wellbeing. Shares insights into why the breath is so important for our wellbeing, and teaches a range of simple, practical techniques that can be used in the workplace to reduce stress levels and feel calmer. The session is easily adaptable to different groups and needs.

Regular Breath Circles can also be run, allowing employees to build a consistent breathwork practice to support their resilience and wellbeing.

121 breathwork sessions Transformational Breath

1-2-1 sessions for stress and burnout

Confidential 1-2-1 sessions allow the client to understand their own unique breath pattern, giving insight into how the way they breathe impacts the way they live their life and how they show up and perform at work.

It helps them make simple and appropriate changes to create a way of being that will be more supportive to their goals.

Can be combined with coaching to tackle underlying issues from multiple angles, or form part of a return-to-work programme.

Breathing through grief

breathing through grief

Specially designed sessions combining the power of the Transformational Breath(R) process with a powerful grief recovery process.

If you have employees struggling with grief, actual or anticipated (for example, if they are caring for an older relative), this is a powerful programme providing support that allows losses to be acknowledged, and the grief to be processed and integrated, rather than trying to rationalise it away.

breath circles and breath workshops

Breath Workshops and Breath Circles are a chance to breathe as part of a community, with the power that shared energy can bring.

All breath circles and workshops are can be run online, or in the workplace, by arrangement.

Breathwork Transformational Breath workshop

a range of options, to suit you

Transformational Breath Taster Talks (free to attend)

A chance to find out more about Transformational Breath and how it can support you to live a fuller, more connected life. Learn about the  technique, and have the chance to try it for yourself to see if this is something you'd like to take further.


Introduction to Breathwork (online) workshops

Join an Introductory Workshop where you can get a deeper understanding of the power of breathwork, and discover how to make breathwork a regular practice in your life.


Breath Circles (online)

I also run regular Breath Circles online. These are for experienced breathers, comfortable self-managing during an online session, who wish to come together to breathe with a connected and supportive group.


Christine K.

Overcame work-related stress

"Allison was very understanding and kind, non-judgmental and responsive. I use the techniques I acquired from her every day. It’s a great tool of self-discovery and to reconnect with your emotions. I was really surprised by the breathwork, how it affects your mood, emotions and stability. Very grateful to Allison for her patience and help during this difficult time."

Pauline B.

Learned to manage her panic attacks

"The first session was mind-blowing. I had been suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks, causing debilitating symptoms, where I was afraid to go out on certain occasions. Straight away I could feel a difference. Allison was a great support and helped me through my recovery."

Marilyne L.

Found a way to process her grief

"I could not have asked for a better coach than Allison. I am deeply grateful for her dedication, patience and kindness in helping me face grief and trauma. I could feel that the grief was trapped in my body. Allison took the time to listen to my story and made room for me to express my feelings. Through the connected breathing, Allison helped me to release the grief and let go. She was very gentle and perceptive in reading my needs."