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the heart of wellbeing: Purpose, Performance, Resilience

The School for Wellbeing is all about helping individuals and employees lead their best lives - full of meaning, with resilience and where they are empowered to bring all that great performance means to them to the fore, in all areas of life.

I started the School for Wellbeing in 2016, whilst I was still working full-time as a change management, culture change and employee engagement consultant.

My background as a business psychologist working with clients to inspire and create true behaviour change, combined with over 20 years' corporate experience, and my training as a coach and breathworker, showed me there are some key things that need to be in place to empower people to thrive and grow:

• They need to have depth and meaning in their lives

• They need confidence and emotional intelligence to effectively manage being in community with others and to perform at their best

• They need the resilience to bounce back when things get tough

I founded the School for Wellbeing so I could help.

get set for success in your quest for wellbeing

You might be an individual seeking support with stress, worry or grief; perhaps wanting to build your emotional resilience or confidence so you can feel more successful at work and achieve more; or you might even be looking to make a dramatic change to create a new life that feels meaningful and purposeful for you.

You might be working in the HR department of a small or medium-sized business, wanting to help your teams manage stress and avoid burnout, to build their resilience and soft skills so they can improve their performance at work, or to support them as individuals to grow in specific areas where they are facing challenges.

These are all areas that I can help with - through my training, through my focus on using the bodymind connection to create change, and through the personal experience of having been there on the ground as well.

creating change starts with awareness

I believe true wellbeing is not just a passive state, but a result of awareness, choice and action – we have to ‘do’ wellbeing in order to ‘have’ wellbeing.

As well as asking powerful questions to get to answers that may not seem immediately obvious, I help my clients discover often life-changing insights through exploring the intelligence of the bodymind connection. These insights bring new possibilities, enabling long-lasting and powerful change to occur. They allow employees to improve their performance and avoid burnout.

I like to work through what I call Compassionate Presence - a place of deep listening, alongside trust, challenge and accountability, where I hold a safe space for the unseen or previously unknown to arise.

If you know you need a different approach, one that capitalises on every aspect of our intelligence, through the bodymind connection, then please get in touch.

my credentials in the world of wellbeing

My training encompasses formal academic study, professional qualifications and the more esoteric and alternative.

What makes me unique is my ability to blend all this together into a unified whole. My clients benefit from a multifaceted, bodymind based and holistic approach to wellbeing, one that is flexible and able to be tailored to meet the demands of their specific situation and areas where support is most needed.

• Masters in Occupational Psychology
• Co-Active Professional Coach Training
• Certified Embodied Facilitator
• Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
• Transformational Breath® Certified Facilitator
• Transformational Breath® Certified Group Leader

Plus, lots of other training in yoga nidra, somatic stress release, trauma, laughter yoga, reiki, mindfulness and meditation, sound healing…

Published author:

McDowall, A and Lindsay, A (2013) Work-life Balance in the Police. The Development of a Self-management Competency Framework, Journal of Business and Psychology, 29 (3) pp 397-411

get the fruits of my 20+ years of experience

Rather than you taking on long years of study, attending week-long workshops and training for months at a time (like I did), I can give you what I've found to be the most practical, game-changing and essential. These bodymind based tools, combined with my training in psychology, will drive your personal development, performance and growth, and help you find the wellbeing you're looking for, whether your search is for personal reasons, or you want to help your colleagues be at their best.

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wellbeing and resilience through breathwork

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Your free Breath Meditation, gently guiding you through a simple breathing exercise to help you feel calmer and have more clarity.

wellbeing and performance through rest and the bodymind connection

yoga nidra recording

A relaxing yoga nidra designed to take you into a state between sleep and wakefulness, where we often have our most creative ideas.

bodymind tools for confidence, performance and wellbeing

confidence tips pdf

Simple and easy to use tips to boost your confidence in the moment, so you can take up the space you deserve in the world.

Then, if it feels like we'd be a good fit to work together, contact me and we can set up an initial call to see how I can help.

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