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the heart of wellbeing: Purpose, Performance, Resilience

The School for Wellbeing is all about helping people lead their best lives. I do this by helping organisations create human-centred workplaces, where self-leadership is the norm and performance is supercharged by unlocking the full potential of all employees.

I started the School for Wellbeing in 2016, whilst I was still working full-time as a change management, culture change and employee engagement consultant.

My background as a business psychologist helping clients create true mindset and behaviour change, combined with over 20 years' corporate experience, showed me the key elements that empower people to thrive and grow:

• They need to have depth and meaning in their work, giving them a clear sense of purpose

• They need the mental and emotional fitness to perform at their best, including the ability to utilise their intuition as well as their rational brains to make decisions, discern the way forward and connect effectively with others

• They need the resilience and self-confidence to bounce back when things get tough

I founded the School for Wellbeing so I could help.

are you the person responsible for the people in your business?

• Concerned about how your team is coping under pressure, and worried some of them may be burning out?

• Identified staff that are struggling, not because of a skills gap but because they’re getting in their own way (self-sabotaging)?

• Aware some of your managers are not natural leaders, and need extra support stepping up as powerful role models who inspire and motivate their teams?

• Want to create a proactive, empowered team who thrive in the face of ambiguity, challenges and change?

• Spotted the shift in mindset that’s happening, as people focus more on finding meaning and balance at work, and feeling anxious about what that means for your ability to attract, and keep, good people?

• Wondering how you can stand out in the competition for the best talent as an SME that can’t offer a traditional career growth path?

Now you can finally stop worrying, knowing you’ve found a partner who can help you create a productive, engaged team, working at their very best!

my credentials

My training encompasses formal academic study, professional qualifications and the more esoteric and alternative.

What makes me unique is my ability to blend all this together into a unified whole that I share with my clients in a practical and down-to-earth way.

My clients benefit from an evidence-based, multifaceted and holistic approach, that draws on the intelligence of both brain and body, and is tailored to meet the demands of their specific situation and areas where support is most needed.

Published author:
McDowall, A and Lindsay, A (2013) Work-life Balance in the Police. The Development of a Self-management Competency Framework, Journal of Business and Psychology, 29 (3) pp 397-411

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Masters in Occupational Psychology

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Transformational Breath® Certified Group Leader & Facilitator

Enneagram Practitioner

Voice Dialogue Practitioner

Certified Embodied Facilitator

Plus, lots of other training in trauma awareness, yoga nidra, somatic stress release, laughter yoga, reiki, sound healing…


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