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what makes working with me different

I’m passionate about helping people find their joy in life – whether that is through their work, their family or their personal passions.

My journey to this place where I support others has been multi-faceted. I spent a long time in the corporate world (as an underwriter, events organiser and change management consultant) before taking the decision to set up my own business in 2016. I ran it as a side-hustle until 2019 when I quit the corporate world to spend a few last months’ with my father before he died with dementia.

That was also my opportunity to create my side-hustle into my full-time job. I love being able to take all the tools and lessons I’ve learned over my long personal growth journey, and use them to help my clients achieve their own goals.

My personal growth journey has included lots of study (I do love it for me, but I won’t push it at you), esoteric experiences including exploring the healing power of meditation, breathwork, sweat lodges and reiki. Finding out more about myself through parts work (voice dialogue), shadow work and embodiment training.

I believe in the power of the body-mind connection, using the intelligence of both our brains and our bodies to gain deep insight into our needs, wants and passions. Supporting clients to trust their own intuition to bring their dreams to life.

I’ve also sat with deep loss in my own life (my mum died unexpectedly when I was 14. We never spoke of her again, so I also know what it’s like to hold a ‘dirty secret’ that feels unspeakable). The thing my clients say most about me is that they feel safe with me. That I truly listen, am present, and I don’t judge. They can share anything with me and know that I will do my best to support them through that to achieve the outcome that is most important for them. I always hold my clients’ agenda, never my own.


are you looking for help with loss, stress and burnout, finding your joy in life?

Places I can help

  • Recovery from deep grief and loss
  • Managing stress and building skills for resilience
  • Finding your sense of purpose and direction
  • Rediscovering a deeper sense of connection and understanding with the important people in your life
  • Rebuilding self-esteem and confidence after a knock-back
  • Support in defining and following the path to personal self-growth


  • Renegotiating difficult personal relationships
  • Finding your way back to yourself and what you truly want, when you feel lost in life, despite all the trappings of outward success
  • Managing anxiety and low feelings
  • Re-setting your nervous system to a place of calm and resilience

I also specialise in supporting neurodiverse clients

my credentials

I believe the way we think, feel and act is shaped not only by our thoughts, but also by our bodies, influencing how we show up in the world and how we’re perceived by others.

Using my evidence-based approach drawing on neuroscience and psychology, I help my clients make that vital brain/body connection, coaching them to reconnect with their values and what brings them meaning, build their emotional intelligence and mental fitness so they can thrive through ambiguity and respond effectively whatever the challenge.

I have over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world, working globally and at senior levels within finance, media and professional services. This experience gave me first-hand understanding of the pressures of corporate life. I know how tough it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, whilst holding down a demanding career, and seeking to grow professionally.

My leadership experience gave me years of practice coaching team members before I formally trained as a coach with CTI (Co-Active Training Institute) in 2016. I am now a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF (International Coaching Federation), with 1500+ hours of coaching experience, and have a speciality in working with neurodiverse clients.

The thing I hear most from my clients is that I make them feel safe and that I don't judge them. I listen deeply, from a place of presence and compassion. My academic background in psychology facilitates my evidence-based approach using techniques and insights drawn from neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness.

I specialise in self-empowerment, helping my clients build greater understanding and better relationships with themselves (because increased self-awareness leads to increased choice) and others, through:
• Identifying and overcoming self-sabotaging patterns
• Building flexibility and resilience in thought and behaviour
• Creating the work-life balance that works for them
• Building self-confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome
• Learning to live with grief and loss
• Sleep, rest and energy management
• Creating appropriate boundaries and prioritising self-care
• Managing stress, anxiety and burnout
• Improving communication and listening skills
• Identifying values and using them to build a life of purpose and meaning

I also create and run workshops for organisational clients on wellbeing, self-awareness and personal growth.

Professional Certified Coach (ICF) with over 1500 hours coaching experience

Certified Embodied Facilitator

Transformational Breath® Certified Group Leader & Facilitator

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

EMDR in Therapy and Coaching

ILM Certificate in Enhanced Performance Strategies for Neurodiversity in the Workplace

MSc in Occupational Psychology

BSc in Psychology

Enneagram Practitioner

Voice Dialogue Practitioner


I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development and am currently in training as an Integrative talking therapist, and in Somatic Experiencing.


Published author:

McDowall, A and Lindsay, A (2013) Work-life Balance in the Police. The Development of a Self-management Competency Framework, Journal of Business and Psychology, 29 (3) pp 397-411

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